Music Player dosent work

I have a motorola e4 plus and I installed kwgt on it and since I made my music player the last time I used it, I decided to do it again but now unlike last time the music player dosent update the title progress text and bar. How can I fix this?

Heres my file

Hi! So in order to ensure Music works please check the following:

  • Kustom has access to Notifications (it should ask you when you save)
  • You started your music player at least once (Kustom detects automatically the player being used)
  • Ensure the Player properly shows a Notification
  • If cover doesnt work ensure your player (Poweramp for example) doesnt have an option to hide the cover in the Lockscreen
  • Try to reboot once, this sometimes is needed when Kustom is upgraded (you can also try reinstalling worst case)
  • Some player might not work, in most cases this is related to the player not implementing Android standards (usually test can be done with Google Music which is fully supported)

If you still have issues with your player AND the player is freely available on the play store you can send me an email to [email protected] so i can check it but usually there isnt much i can do.