Moving Clip object bug

When you have a element with the property mask "clip all" or "clip next module", if it is in the main folder, it can be moved through the x y offset and it works fine.

If it is in an overlap group, you need to move it with the padding options. In that case, the element will only move upward and leftward. When its supposed to go downward and righward, it will take the opposite direction.

Can this be fixed?

Adding to this, the problem appears to be that turning on the mask forces the position of the element to the upper left of its bounding box, regardless of anchor or offset.

I'm having the same issue. I got halfway through a moon phase widget, that cost me more hours than I'm willing to admit, before finding out this bug is what's stopping me. Not my kode, as I first thought :(

This is not what the moon does gfycat

OMG! Wow! OK.... I finally made the move from Zooper because of the lack of support and continued development just to find that the No.1 alternative to Zooper is also lacking in support and development!?

I noticed this problem too and was searching to find what I was doing wrong just to find that it is a bug in the software stemming back over a year in time, maybe farther?

This bug 4 years long live. To overcome this issue, we have to stay with B.Padding and R.Padding and then rotate a whole overlap group when want to clip the opposite.