(MOTO Z DROID) How can I get the moto snap battery value?

Currently, I'm trying to get this value as a number to add on a progress bar:

The left value (80%) is the battery information and the right value (44%) is from an attached moto snap (additional battery).

Is there a command or a system value that I can input on a progress bar to get this value?

Thanks in advance.

I was searching about it on forums and find out that it may needs additional development, once there is an API to get the values:


So @Developers, does it mean that the app will need access and development to get these values, right?


Hi, thanks for providing the link, so its technically possible to add that but its quite a bit of work, so, unless a lot of users requests it its probably not going to be added, also i usually do not add non standard stuff to Kustom so its also a matter of being "clean".

However in Kustom its possible to write plugins and this would be a very good scenario for that, someone could write a small app that just feeds Kustom with this information.