More Text Item Settings

Please add more user-controllable properties to regular text items:

  • Line height (the distance from baseline to baseline. If you can't do that, add Leading = comes from print and is the space added between text lines.)
  • Kerning (the adjustment of space between two letters - advanced, requested here)
  • Tracking (adds/removes space between all letters - like morphing text already has.)
  • Type = Fixed Box (we do already have Fixed Width, but having an option to also adjust the height of the box, instead of the number of lines, could improve positioning of other items.)
  • Align = "the rest of the options" (we have Center, Left and Right. After adding the Type=FixedBox, we will also need Top, TopLeft, TopRight, Bottom, BottomLeft, BottomRight. If it's not too much to ask, maybe add Justify as weel, both horizontally and vertically.)

Some of these have been already requested:

And when you make a new rendering engine, add support for variable fonts. :)