Moon illumination incorrect.

Hi I've noticed that in the editor the moon illumination percentage is correct (as it should be) but when I save, the live wallpaper is incorrect. At the moment the editor says moon illumination is 92% but my wallpaper is at 95%

Regards Steve

Yes, I have the same issue. On my PC, I use (yes, I am Dutch) to check the moon illumination and it is now at 54,5%, while in KLWP it is 51% (and in the editor it IS 54%). I have no idea how to fix this. I have checked the battery optimization and it is OFF for KLWP (and KLWP Pro). I am using Android 11 on Samsung S10+. And I tried to regex the 54,5% out of the website, but that is a bit buggy; sometimes KLWP shows large txt content of the website and not the 54,5%. Probably because of my regex skills :-).

Oh, and for that matter: the moon is at 54,7% now. But KLWP is already reporting it at WAXING_GIBBOUS... That seems a bit early? I would say it's still at First Quarter?

Anybody there? The moon illumination in KLWP is incorrect!