Modifiable Variables


I think it would be great to have the ability to create modifiable variables whose value may be changed outside of the Globals tab in the advanced editor.


For the LWP I'm working on, I want to add a search filter to allow the user to enter a search term and update the visibility of certain list items based on whether they match the search term or not. Seeing as there are no input fields/textboxes in the Kustom apps, I created a custom input field and keyboard in hopes that I could add the character of each pressed key to a text variable, then compare that variable to the text content of the list items.

Could this potentially be added to the Kustom apps or was this considered, but not added intentionally for some reason? I appreciate any feedback the potential of this feature or lack thereof.

Hi there?😇

I've created a Keyboard for Kustom Apps.

It's a Komponent and it's very easy to set-up.

Please try it: