Missing/misplaced font

I want to use Product Sans. But when I select it, the example looks like Roboto. At first, the font used on the actual wallpaper was still Product Sans, but now selecting Product Sans just produces Roboto on my wallpaper. I looking at the kustom/fonts folder on my storage, the ProductSans.ttf file appears to be missing. Thoughts? Also, don't know if it's related, but what does it mean when "[preset]" is displayed on the font selection menu?

Update: Just uninstalled KLWP, then reinstalled. The problem persists.

Update2: downloaded new font files and put them in kustom/fonts. Works now. Still, don't know why ProductSans font files were missing.

Hi! So, when you see [preset] in the font menu it means that the font you are selecting is only available inside the preset you loaded (or the Komponent). So its normal if you do not have that in the sdcard, if you want a font to be available for general use on new presets just copy it to /sdcard/Kustom/fonts.

Okay thanks! I think that might explain it. ProductSans must not be a stock font? I think I was using a komponent that had ProductSans packaged in it. I then removed the komponent from my active wallpaper, which then removed the ability to use ProductSans.

Yeah thats the correct behavior, product sans is not stock in Kustom, maybe its in your System Fonts, in that case you should copy that on the sdcard

Can you tell me how I'd go about saving a font that has the [preset] tag to my phone so that I could then put it in the proper folder?