Missing Math Utilities: (inverse sine, inverse cosine and pi)

Good evening Mr. Monza,

I am using your apps (KLWP & KWGT) for some time now (approx. over a year) and I am very pleased with it. I bought both Pro Keys because of that.

But unfortunately I stumbled over some facts which limited me in getting what I expected.

  1. I recently tried to use $mu(asin,number)$ with no result and wondered, why it would not work. But after I consulted this post, I realized: asin and acos are not supported in KLWP at all. But I urgently need this utilities, because I am not able to solve my problem without asin and acos and would be really grateful if you would implement this into your already great app collection.
  2. The other thing is pi, which I am also missing (I hope, I am not the only one.). Please implement this too.

thank you in advance

kind regards