Misplaced and unrotated Emojis in rotated text fields

There's a bug, where Emojis in text which are rotated are shown unrotated and misplaced (see screenshot). In this screenshot you see an all-day calendar entry and its location, which have Emojis in front of their names.

In this case the frog emoji is in front of the title and should be rotated too, as well as the fountain Emoji in front of the location. They're not in different text elements, it's just one text element with the string to show the first all-day event title and its location.

The kode: $ci(title, a0, a0d)$, [s=0.7]$ci(loc, a0, a0d)$[/s]

Yeah this is a bit hard to fix, will try

This was just an sample calendar entry, but actually almost all of my calendar entries have Emojis in front of their tiles (and sometimes also the locations), which makes identifying them much easier, so I really appreciate your efforts to fix this issue!

Thank you very very much :)