MI: Music info not fetching

Hello there,

First of all, I love the concept of this program. Good job.
Second, I'm having some bad luck with it.

I'd like to use it for one reason alone; being able to display music information. Nothing fancy, just 3 lines of 'code'.

However, when I first tried this, none of the MI functions would work except for the album art.
Then I figured, maybe the beta version of KLWP fixes this problem. And it did! Except, now the album art function didn't work. Soon after that, nóne of the MI functions fetches anything from the notificationbar anymore.

So I rebooted. And I uninstalled and installed again. And it just refuses to work once more. This is really beating me up because I'm quite sure i'm doing nothing wrong but moreover, I've seen it in action. I know it should work!

Some info about the setup: I'm using an Android 4.4 device (I know it's old) which acts as a set top box. The audioplayer I'm using is the 703 beta of Poweramp, but it refuses to function with any other mediaplayer. Believe me, I've tried.

Other apps are able to fetch the MI functions, and KLWP does have acces to notifications.

Anyone who could fill me in on this would be awesome and I'd be very grateful. I've already searched this forum to no avail.

Best regards,


Hi! So in order to ensure Music works please check the following:

  • Kustom has access to Notifications (it should ask you when you save)
  • You started your music player at least once (Kustom detects automatically the player being used)
  • Ensure the Player properly shows a Notification
  • If cover doesnt work ensure your player (Poweramp for example) doesnt have an option to hide the cover in the Lockscreen
  • Try to reboot once, this sometimes is needed when Kustom is upgraded (you can also try reinstalling worst case)
  • Some player might not work, in most cases this is related to the player not implementing Android standards (usually test can be done with Google Music which is fully supported)