Memory leak with multiple filters on a wallpaper

If I create a wallpaper with lighten and darken filters, KLWP begins to slow down eventually reporting that KLWP is not responding, wait or report. If I force quit KLWP, my phone will work as normal, but if I restart KLWP it will eventually stop working again. If interested I have a wallpaper that I can send that will fail on my phone within 5 minutes. I have never had this issue with KLWP with any other wallpapers that I have made.


Ok I thought the problem was related to the wallpaper I was working on, but it seems to be happening with wallpapers that in the past had no issue. I am going to make sure that something be is not running but, this issue makes KLWP unusable.

Can you share a preset with the issue so i can try to reproduce on my device?

I have done a clean install of my ROM, and cleared the caches. I would like to do some additional testing. I am almost positive at this time that it was my problem not the app. If the problem continues I will let you know.

I assume this did not happen again, is that correct?