Media Player - artwork image and buttons respond only after next track starts playing

I made a simple media player with 2 layers (Tunein Radio and Spotify - both selected as preferred players in Kustom). Both set to use always/never variables in visibility options and i.e. $mi(cover)$ for fetching the music data.

When I start playing Spotify (by tasker launching an app in the background) it plays and populates nicely, the same when I switch by the other button to play Tunein Radio, all is good (both are also opened now in my notifications media player on my Pixel 5 with Android 14). Now is the tricky part…

…when I switch back to Spotify, music starts playing in the background as it should but play/pause/skip buttons, titles, cover art etc stays as Tunein Radio untill the end of the song. When the next song starts playing (by itself or me pushing the next button on android player), all buttons titles and artwork populates nicely again.

Is there any way to “refresh” that quicker or send some android intent to make it react?

Are you sure the Android notification is properly updated when you do this? Because Kustom also relies on that to detect a player change

Hi Frank, I’ve recorded the screen with the problem that occurs:
Not sure if it is all clear but when I switch back and forth from one app to the other both graphics and controls ‘freeze’ on the previous app even though in notification panel the correct one is playing and the only way to refresh that is by skipping to th next song. Two buttons I use to switch the Spotify and Radio app are tasker commands. Oh, and for some reason the voice from Spotify was not recorded whereas it was from the radio (maybe some recording protection of some sort). Any suggestions on how could I fix that?