Materialized home for KLWP not working

So I've purchased the pro pack for KLWP and I've also installed the Materialized home for KLWP but whenever I try to load it on my s8 the wallpaper becomes unresponsive. I cannot switch between the different wallpapers I can only tap the wallpaper in front and that's it.

I think this is a home made for 16/9 ratio, and you have a 18.5/9 phone. Klwp don't adapt the homes to different screens, the designers need to make it for every phone ratio. You can contact the designer to solve this or get a refound. I advice you to look if the homes are made for your ratio or aproximately. That said, what you mean with unresponsive, the buttons of apps don't work? the sceens don't scroll?

You need a Launcher, like Nova Launcher to work best with Klwp, you need to set the same amount of pages in the launcher that the home had, you need to set scroll "on" in the settings of the Launcher to have the wallpaper scroll. If the problem are the app buttons not opening some apps, you need to set your own apps to the touch, for this you need to go in the editor to touchs, here you have all the touchs and the apps conected with it, tap in the touch that aren't working and this are going to open the option to choose your own app. The touchs that don't work normally are, phone, messages and other that are brand related.