Material You colors are... Not syncing correctly?

Apologies for the vague title, it’s a bit difficult to explain exactly what’s happening but I’ll do my best:
I started using KWCH a couple days ago, and when using a Material You/dynamic theme color, it doesn’t always use the same color on the watch as shown in the app.
The strange thing is that sometimes the correct colors will show, but unfortunately, I just keep getting the wrong colors, or the wrong shades.
It’s not even always the same across objects either, if I set a text object and a shape object to the same global (with the MU theme color), they can result in 2 different shades, or different colors altogether.
Because it’s so hit-or-miss, I’m not sure what else I may need to provide, but please ask for any information you need. I’m a bit stumped, haha!