Map komponents are just white

Not showing maps at all..

Now you need an api from Google to use maps. If you want you can go to the Kustom Official page in G+, in the last days users are talking about this,and if I remember well, one of them have a tutorial to aquire and use this api.👍

Maybe this posts can help you

Please refer to this great post on Reddit

Copying for reference:

I recently made a semi-ranty post making it seem impossible to use the Google Maps Static API since they made changes to the API such that an API key and seemingly a signature was required with every request to the API. After messing around with it for a while, I finally figured out how to keep using the API without too much of a hassle. Instructions:

1. Create a Google Cloud project

If you already have a Google Cloud project with the Maps Static API set up, just skip this step. Otherwise, create a project here. Open the left-hand menu (click the hamburger menu icon) and go to the "APIs & Services" sub-menu. Search for "static" and select "Maps Static API".

2. Aquire an API key

From the project dashboard, click "Maps Static API" (somewhere on the bottom of the page), then open the "Credentials" tab. There you will find a link to the "Credentials manager", where you can create an API key by following on-screen instructions. Copy this and keep it for later. Keep it secret, though!

3. Allow unsigned usage

Back on the "Maps Static API" page (beginning of step 2), there's a tab called "URL signing secret". If you open up this tab you should see a button saying something like "Allow unsigned usage". Click this and accept the prompt it triggers. Note: This does lower the overall security of the project - making it possible for anyone who posesses your API key to make requests on your behalf, eating into your quota. It's not really an issue though unless you somehow leak your API key.

4. Enable billing for your project

After doing steps 1-3 I still got an error that asked me to go to I couldn't really find any specific information regarding the error, but it turns out that enabling billing for my project resolves the issue. I chose to enable a 1 year free trial which includes $300 free credits, and Google assured me that they won't actually bill me anything unless I explicitly allow it in the future. I guess they just wanted my credit card info to allow all of this to work properly.

After all of this, I am able to use the Maps Static API in KLWP like before, with the small change that the URLs I use now need to include an URL parameter. Here's an example of an URL that now works for me:[MY_API_KEY]&size=720x1280

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