Low resolution background

I’m using a wallpaper as a background and when I apply it, it’s a lower resolution. First time I applied it, no problem. High resolution. Second time: as soon as I clicked edit, it changed to a lower resolution in the preview and when I applied, I noticed it changed to worse.

One fix I found was deleting the app’s data and starting over. Changing the wallpaper from the gallery and back to klwp makes it a bit lower resolution than the one from applied directly by the gallery. Saving twice breaks the wallpaper and it becomes a much lower resolution.

Using a square with the wallpaper as a texture bitmap consistently shows the proper resolution though I don’t know how to scale it appropriately to match the height of the phone without making it too big or too small.

Also, about that “deleting the app’s data”, I believe the wallpaper is maybe a bit softer than applying directly from gallery? So it may still be a very slightly lower resolution regardless. I had to take a screenshot to tell the difference.

I’m using an S10+ and the latest version of klwp on the play store.

Edit: I can’t seem to recreate the “much lower resolution” but it’s still a visibly lower resolution