Lockscreen wont shut off

I set my lockscreen with kick app.and when I set it ,it won't turn off.my lockscreen stays on.so I'm sad I can't use the app for my lockscreen. Please fix this. It happen when I updated my galaxy note 20 ultra to android 12.im on 4.0

I have the whole exact same problem on my Pixel 3a XL. Are you also on the Android 12L beta program?

I have the brand new galaxy ultra 22 thinking it was my note 20 but nope it did the same with that phone .and it's not Bata on the 22 ultra but I'm on Android 12 ....which I regret cause that's when this all started. I've done everything they said to do and still didn't fix it..it's the apps issue they need to fix it or update it..