Locked/Encrypted Item Folders

Encrypted global folders have been requested recently. I would like to add a request for encrypting/locking item folders as well (when they get released of course).

Right now, we resorted to adding komponents into our presets (because we'd like to keep the way a preset is made a secret, or simply to preventing thieving). That's a bad idea for a number of reasons. Komponents add additional stress to the rendering - once you add about 3, you can see the whole thing slow down a bit. Add a few global formulas to the mix and the whole preset will start lagging (not just in the editor). We all know how annoying it is to link items' properties to globals. And the majority of users doesn't understand the concept of komponents.

Locked folders would bypass all of this. The presets would run better and be easier to work with. The items in folders would still be a part of the preset, so using globals wouldn't be a problem.

Once a folder is locked, it could only be unlocked by the preset author (just like a komponent). However, the folder could still be cut/copied and pasted around the preset by anyone (they just wouldn't be able to see and edit its contents).

I for one would be really happy not having to use komponents anymore (or at least, not for everything).