Lock screen doesn't show notification icons

My lock screen doesn't work properly because sometimes it doesn't appear (just appears the original that comes with the device) and other times it appears but doesn't show notification ícons.... And sometimes it does!... So,what is going on?

Thank you so much!

Maybe the icons are coded to disappear if you haven't notifications from this app. Do you notice a rule when the Klck don't appear or is randomly?

You tryed with other Klck, like the presets that come default in the Klck? Maybe the problem is the preset.

Hi, thank you for your answer. Apparently it is now working, I've reinstaled it.

But answering you, it was randomly!...

Thank you again :)

Good good😁👍

Are presets that have animations, if you shut and open very fast your phone, are situations that the animations don't have time to regress to normal and you can see problems. Good luck.👍👌