Location returns very general result not a useful location

Location is returning a very general result rather than a more specific and useful location.
For example
London rather than Hammersmith or Westminster.
I’ve raised this before (a numbef of years ago now) and i see from searching multiple others have raised the same issue.
I understand that it can’t simply be changed but a sub location could be added, so the question is how can we get this done please?

Hi! I have added $li(neigh)$ to next version, this will use sub location when sub location is available (or if suburb is there), the main problem here is that it is not populated by most location providers, i have checked london and its not returning the correct name, i will keep this open to see if i can allow the user to select a different location provider instead of builtin one

Hi Frank,
Thanks for adding this.
The thing that I don’t understand is that when I first starting using the app and I created my widget, the location worked beautifully! Then, all of a sudden it changed to how it is now, so something must have changed at some point to cause this.
Where does it acquire the location from? Could it be a change on the provider maybe?

Kustom tries to use the local default geocoder, if its not working it tries to fall back to open street map, finally it tries a custom backend that provides minimal information. Probably the local provider failed and Kustom got data from OSM, can you please provide the exact coordinates with at least 3 decimals of a point that might return a well known neighborhood so i can do some test and maybe add this option in 3.75 already?

This is fixed in next release:

  • A new li param $li(neigh)$ will return current neighborhood / subarea
  • A new option in Settings → Location allows selecting a different geocoder, if you pick OSM you probably get better data for London

Beta will be available later this week

Ok, great, do I have to do something specific to get the beta?

You asked for some co-ordinates to test with…
There an area called Hope Cove, but it is split into two sections known as Inner Hope and Outer Hope.
Originally this is how the widget would show it, but now it just shows Hope cove.
Latitude 50°14.9130’N
Longitude 3°51.1950’W
This is in the Outer Hope section.
Let me know how you get on testing please.

You can manually download and install the beta versions from the link below.

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