Location and altitude don't work (klwp)

Wondering if someone can help me. I'm trying to craft a klwp with speed and altitude, as I'm an over the road truck driver. Unfortunately I can not get either to work. I have checked all my settings in my phone AND klwp. Neither works nor updates when I manually force update weather. You can see I'm moving and you can look at my current settings in the pictures. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Location and Altitude works only if you set the Location mode to "aggressive" in the settings, this will ask KLWP to update every second and that should also show altitude and speed.

Ok how do I set it to aggressive. I only see 4 options, the most obvious being "high accuracy". I don't see anything "aggressive".

Yeah sorry, its high accuracy, is it working?

Nope, tried it and it still don't.

Next version 3.26 will have a fix for this, just a few notes on how its implemented:

  • Altitude will show ONLY if a fix was done with GPS, if not Altitude will stay at the previous value
  • Speed will be calculated using approx distance in meters between fixes and time so it might not be very accurate, if GPS fix is providing it then that will be used instead

Awesome, ok thanks. Hoping to be able to use this in the future release.