Load preset failed and file reset to 0bytes


I’m using KWLP v3.75b410013 on a Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra on Android v14.
when I Load a preset that I exported a bit earlier, and try to load it it gives me an error: load failed, file not found and when I check in file manager I see that the file (which was before 734B) is now 0B.

anything I can do to solve this?

Can you provide a test file so I can reproduce the issue?

hi Ace,

solved it myself in the meantime. removed all the permissions and granted them back and now is all working fine.
just one more issue with klwp that I am currently investigating, unless you know an easy fix.
the klwp live wallpaper seems to get reset now and then (1-2 times a day) to the default phone’s wallpaper (S24 Ultra).

thanks anyway for your response.

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