Live weather update

Is there a way to create a widget with live weather update? I got the widget but unable to make it work properly. I want the widget to update the weather every 30 minutes. I don't have any idea of coding. The widget I would like to use is attached below. Please help. Thanks.

You have in the Settings of your Kustom app the option to change the update interval, you can choose 30 minutes in the 3 lines in the top left of the editor enter here and in Settings>General settings>widget refresh.

Other than this you can add a touch action to the icon or the temperature text or whatever and add Force Weather update, this are going to update the weather when you touch the item too.

touch action>Kustom action>Force weather update

Thanks for your response.

Widget refresh is set to 30 minutes. But it doesn't refresh.

So I have added touch action as mentioned by you. But when I touch it Google weather opens up in the browser. Is it supposed to work like this?

Maybe you are using a widget made by other designer and he added a touch action to open this app, no, the touch action to force weather update only update the weather in the items, you can add the time of the update weather in your widget, and you are going to see the change of the time, if the action is performed, you can add a shape over the widget and add the touch action here.and see how it work.

And you can see if you don't have Kwgt in battery save mode in your phone, if yes, you need to remove the app from here. Other than this if you are in Android 10, maybe you need to give access to your location to the Kustom app to perform well.

Okay. Thanks.