Live wallpaper

Could you guys please add the option of adding live wallpaper. Also could you make it more optimized and smooth. Love what you're doing.

Hey Sakib,what is your problem wjth the smooth? I think the animations are very smooth and the use of ram is very low, can you elaborate a little with your problems and what is your phoneπŸ‘

My phone is a Samsung Galaxy a7 from 2016, is it a hardware fault? BTW on my phone it seems to stutter, like it seems to run 20fps maybe.

I think it's not your phone(it's a good one) try to disable Parallel rendering in the settings and see what happens.



advanced options

Parallel rendering

If this don't solve your problem, look if Klwp is not in the Save Battery Mode in your phone.

Is your preset made by you or downloaded from the Play store or other, it's very heavy in items(like 70 or 80 items)??

Thanks a lot. It's now running smoothly.

Good good!!😁 πŸ‘ you are welcome!πŸ‘Œ