List of events today; mark past events


I've been trying to create a dynamic list of events for "today" and mark past events as faded, current active event as bold but I'm struggling to combine this with my current loop.

My base code thus so far;
$fl(0,9, "i+1" , "df(hh:mm, ci(start, i,a0d))$ $ci(title, i,a0d)", tc(utf, "000A"))$

The code works so far in the way that it displays the vertical list correctly, but I've not been successful in selecting past and currently active events.

Any thoughts?

This is a great idea. I'd like to know if the OP figured this out.

I haven't yet managed to figure it out, however I did refine the above code.

$if(ci(ecount,a0d)+ci(acount,a0d)=0, "", if(df(f)=0, "", fl(0,9, "i+1" , "df(hh:mm, ci(start,i,a0d))$ $ci(title, i,a0d)", tc(utf, "000A"))))$

Simply put, it only shows events for the current day and not on weekends.

Styling seems to completely break the code and I haven't found a simple way to join events with styling applied.