Linking a global inside a colour global text field

It'd be great to put a global inside a colour global text field. For example, I've a list global with FFFF and FFAA values, it'd be great to write on a colour global text field #$gv(list)$ in order to change the colour without having lots of colour globals

You can do this adding a color global and a list global, then use a formula in the color global pointing to the list one.

I've tried:
gv(list) with FFFFAAAA,FFFFBBBB (for example)

gv(colour): On the text field, I write #gv(list) or #$gv(list)$ and click accept. When coming back it has changed the global from the text field with a colour code instead (red I think)

But , you add your global colors, then add a list. Add your colors on your global list. Then go back in where your colors are.. .Not in global, but where the tab before texture is, paint.. .And then check it, edit formula and point to your global list. Don't do the formula in globals but where you do paint, tab before mask, texture and bitmap.