Licensing Permission

Hi Frank, I'm creating a skin using Android Studio following your skin saple at

everything is ok, app work but how can I add a licensing permission (library, etc) to this sample?

I tried to follow the guideline and some stackoverflow guide but i don't understand too much, i'm just a designer :(

Please can you add code where we can change just base64 public key and a salt?

Thank you

Hi! Not sure i understand, you dont need any kind of licensing permission to upload the APK to the store. P.S. i would really suggest using the APK maker app if you dont want to mess up with Android Studio.

Thank You for your quick reply.

I mean.. i want to publish as a paid app. It's raccomended to implement a license control.

Ok, license control is much more than just providing a license code there, it requires proper checks on both the content pack and on the Kustom app itself, i would suggest you opening a feature request in this site and ask to implement that