$li(spd)$ stopped working after update

I have KLWP on my Android 5.0 Head Unit, it has been doing pretty good at showing my GPS speed until the KLWP update I got on 10/26/2017. Now the speed only updates when the KLWP app is on and 1 sec after then it freezes on whatever speed I was at. I have set location accuracy to max and recreated the Text item with "li(spd)" inside and of groups even tried clearing cash and data, any ideas?

Hi, i didnt change a lot in this version, actually i did change spd in 3.27 which was released one month before, can you provide me a debug dump created after some driving? Its in the app settings, last option, send it to [email protected] mentioning this problem

Would like to do that, however, the amp in that unit died yesterday. I set up an old moto x as a quick substitute. But even on that, it did not work (never saw it work on that phone so....) Will try the dump thing as soon as i get a chance. Will also add to my LG G3 and see what happens. Please keep this open for a bit if possible.