Leading dot indicator for progress ring/bar?

Does anyone know how to get like a little circle shape to anchor to the tip of my progress ring that will move with the progress. I can’t seem to find the formula?

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You can see it done in this theme


I don’t see any of what I was looking for. Maybe I’m not looking close enough at it.

Isn’t this what you meant? (the white dot marking the front of the progress bar)

Aw… I’m trying to make one for a ring though not a straight line so I don’t believe this will help me

Brandoncraft did a YouTube tutorial on that very thing iirc

Nice! I’ll have to see if I can find it. Thanks for helping me friend I really appreciate it.

I figured it out for you. Here’s the progress in action

circular_Progress.komp (38.1 KB)

Put your progress bar (circular) (300 diameter/width in my example) into an overlap group. Then add ANOTHER overlap group into that first overlap group. Inside the new group, add your progress shape (a small circle), then position it 300 off-center (bottom padding 300). So it now sits over the top of the large progress meter at 12 o clock.

Now go into the layer option of the 2nd overlap group (the one that contains just the little dot positioned at 300 off-center). Set rotation to manual, change the offset to formula, use


And that’s it. You’re rotating the whole overlap group based on the music progress, which rotates the little dot

That’s awesome my friend. Thank you for taking the time to attempt and provide the link. I appreciate you.