Layout is messed up when using widget on another device

Hi, I'm trying to transfer a weather widget from my phone to my tablet. I've exported the widget and loaded it on my tablet.

I added 4x2 widgets on my homescreen, but on my tablet the canvas looks more rectangular than it does on my phone, so the layout is messed up and parts of the widget are cut off.

How do I fix this?

Just go to the "Layout" tab and use the "scaling" property to resize your widget inside the box. If its still "messed up" it probably means that you didnt anchor the objects correctly in that case you either try to get the same aspect ratio of the original or you change the anchoring of the objects with issues (i cant give more details without knowing the specific widget). Also always please ensure that you resize the widget before loading the preset, that the size mode in the options is set to "locked" and the orientation is detected correctly, in a tablet it should show "Default (Landscape)" if you use your device mainly in Landscape mode (horizontal)

Why does my layout get messed up when I load a preset on the same device?

I made a weather widget and spent a lot of time on it.

I exported the widget, it's a 4x2 widget.

When I tried adding a copy of the widget to my home screen, just to test out, the sizes and layout are messed up and not identical?

What's wrong?

I've attached the widget.