Layer visibility by timezone

Being able to have different layers in different timezones is great, but I'd like to be able to turn layers on and off depending on the current timezone.

I thought maybe I could use the location settings, so location 1 is auto (GPS) and location 2 is my home location of London. Then say if timezone of location 1 is not equal to the timezone of location 2 then turn off home layer and turn on travel layer.

But I can't seem to find a way to do this.

Has anyone got any ideas how to achieve this type of layer control?


Maybe you can use the li(loc) code

Put the Gps Overlap group over the London overlap group with a color background in it to hide the other O. group

In the GPS O. group in the layer>visibility test this formula

$if(li(loc)!=London,always, never)$

Nice idea, however I was referring to the timezone location for London rather than the actual location of London.

I'm now looking at using a couple of global variables to compare the current timezone to. The UK uses daylight saving so it's timezone changes when this happens but I don't want this to cause the change.




then I could use the formula

$if(((df(z)!=GV1) & (df(z)!=GV2)),always,never)$

Then on the other panel swap use the same formula but swap the always and never round

Yes this is a good option too👌