Layer rotation stopped working?!


I made a 24-hours-clock widget a long time ago and it worked as expected. As the hour hand has to move around in 24 hours (not in 12 as usual) I rotate its layer by using this formula:


The result is the angle by which the layer of the hour hand has to be rotated. It's 228.125 degrees in this case, which is correct for 3:28 p.m. or 15:28.
But this is not working any more since the latest update (version 3.44b5017), the hour hand has stopped moving. As one can see in the attached screenshot, the minute hand shows the time correctly (28 min) but the hours are stuck at about 10 to 11. Any time I open the Kustom Widget app for editing my widget, it "jumps" to the current time but after saving this state the hour hand does not move any further. It seems that the layer rotation gets no updates.

Everytime I downgrade KWGT back to version 3.43b931910 the clock is working as it should.

Any ideas?