Launch app 5 sec delay on nova

Using pixel 4a on android 11. Has been going on since September.

Lots have the same problem. all phones.

Not sure why we arent getting any info on this. I finally reset my phone today since no one is helping. It did NOT fix the issue :( i REALLY miss my KLWP setup.

Looks like KLWP is pointing fingers at Nova, Nova is pointing fingers at Google, and Google is pointing fingers at KLWP.

Glad I paid for this.

Makes sense ;( uhg. So. The email I'm sending to the dev I should abandon? I don't wanna send it if he's aware. Thanks for the reply

Same for me on Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra with Android 11. If @FrankMonza and team can fix it on the Kustom Side, I'm sure they will.

I bit the bullet and just updated my N20U (again after previously rolling back to Android 10) to Android 11/OneUI 3.0 and I'm very Happy to report that the latest versions of KLWP (Build: 3.52b102214) and KLCK (Build: 3.52b102215) (both uploaded: Uploaded: 2021-01-22)
The new versions
Fixed The App Launch Delay!!!!

confirmed working for me

Thanks for letting us know. Confirmed working again