KWLP Not Updating


Using the Pro version for about 2 years now and up to version 3.43 never had any issues. After the last update to version 3.44 the battery progress bar stop to update and the only way to refresh is either restarting the phone or go into Kustom and save the preset (without making changes in the preset). KUSTOM is not in the Battery optimization list and instead is actually in the white list of applications to never be put to sleep.

Yesterday, I decided to remove the Battery progress from my preset and replace it by another app called Battery Progress Widget which btw, I would rather prefer not to do it and this morning I noticed that the clock it's now also not updating.

Again, I would like to emphasize that everything was working just fine up to version 3.43 and problems started to appear on version 3.44. Also, my phone which is a Samsung S10+ was updated about 2 months ago meaning that this has nothing to do with any update made to the device itself since the issue started a few days ago. I've attached the screenshot of my preset so you can see that it's pretty simple. Please disregard the red rectangle which is only in the image to highlight where the KWGT is.

Thanks in advance,

I'm sorry for title but my issue is with KWGT and not KWLP. Unfortunately I can't find how to edit the title.