[KWGT] Tasker, Kustom and dynamic content

Hi! I have a widget that stores some info that receives from tasker.

Basically it displays info from my calendar.

I want to display a little block if I have only 1 appointment, 2 if I have 2 etc... nothing if 0.

I succesfully set up a widget that receives up to 3 events, but sometimes I have more.

It is possible to dynamically create blocks or components with different variables inside (in tasker I have multiple arrays)?

Thank you


You have the ci codes that give you the calendar information.

You can create the block and use this if condition to set the visibility of the block in the layer>visibility:


here you are saying that if the today all events more today events are equal or more than 1 always visible if not never visible

You can use it to 1 event and change the 1 for 2 ,3 or what events you want