KWGT Tasker integration

I Tried sending variable from tasker to KWGT by means of tasker plugin. I used the same example that is show there i.e $(tasker, battery)$ (I put tasker string same as given in example i.e %BATT. I run that task in tasker) but when i put text in widget and enter the above formula, it shows err:null. I can't understand where I gone wrong. Please explain. I am attaching screenshots.

You need to write $br(tasker, battery)$ you can find more example in the "br()" function help inside the app or HERE

The example when setting variables inside of Tasker is incorrect/misleading. It leaves off the fact you need to include "br" when using the variable. Fixing that would help get rid of some confusion when first trying to get into KWGT and Tasker.

I can't succede using tasker variables in KWGT.

I put in the tasker plugin


$br(tasker, widget)$

and in KWGT

$br(tasker, widget)$

Where am I wrong? Thanks