KWGT notifications counter

Hi there,

I purchase KWGT Pro a couple days ago, and I'm just starting to learning some things.

My question is next...

When I create custom icon for some App (viber for example), the counter for messages I recieved showing only 1 or 0!?

I'm using If(ni(pcount...) formula, but it can't show the real number of messages recieved.

If I'm understanding correctly - it only checks is there a notification in notification bar on the phone - no matter how much messages I recive in Viber for example.

So I made a red dot to show when there is notification in the top bar, and to disapear when there is not. But I would like to know is there a way to properly see number of all messages from one app.

(So if my son send me 2 viber messages, and my wife 3... Then it should be 5 in the counter).

Also... Operators always and remove are not working in IF formula.