KWGT not displaying leading zero

I have a widget that displays variables imported from tasker as text. One is a three-digit number and the other is a two-digit number.

I would like to display the leading zeroes, when they occur. However, kwgt does not display them. I have tried to add a zero as a text element by using "0" + but kwgt still doesn't display the zero.

Does anyone know I can code the leading zeroes to appear, or perhaps an escape character or other way to make kwgt display a zero as text?

Thank you


Have you tried this Text Converter formula?

$tc(lpad, text, length, character)$


$tc(lpad, 5, 3, 0)$

➞ it will display 2 zeroes in front of the 5, so that the text length will be 3 characters ➞ 005

Hope this helps.