KWGT no weather icon


I have installed KWGT and build my own widget. All is working fine. Only the weather icon is not shown.

I created a text ekement with the following formular:

$wi(icon)$ $wi(temp)$°$wi(tempu)$

The temeperature has the right value but instead of an icon the word "CLEAR" is there.

Can somebody tell me how I can get a weather icon instead of the word "CLEAR"?

To display weather icons, you need a weather komponent. You have in Kwgt weather komponents preinstalled. I recommend you to put a widget by other designer and see how it is made. The text only display text, near this you need to add other item, a weather komponent, that are going to display the weather icon. In the weather komponent you have in the globals of the komponent the option to display the actual weather or the forecast of today, tomorrow, etc.....

Thanks. Adding a component was the right hint. Now a have a weather icon.