KWGT - Make IME spacebar cursor work in formula editor

The ability to scroll through text with the spacebar has an issue, it does not work in the formula editor. The IME is inconsistent.

To be clear, the kode editor in KWGT does not allow cursor scrolling by using the spacebar (Input Method Editor), but it does work when editing an object title. I thought I was mistaken, but as the video shows, the spacebar does not allow cursor scrolling (press and hold the spacebar left or right).

I also thought this was an Android issue, but titles can use this method. Please fix this.

The video was not attaching so it is at this link instead

Inconsistent spacebar cursor

Well I can finally say that my phone has this feature. My old LG Stylo 6 did not support this in KWGT or KLWP, but my new phone does. Sorry for making a big deal about it in the first place. I guess “When in doubt, buy a new phone”.