KWGT Incorrect size in Landscape mode

When I rotate my phone widgets don't recognize the changed size of the root container.

$si(rwidth)$ and $si(rheight)$ still report back the same values as they were in portrait mode.

I made a simple rectangle with $si(rwidth)$ and $si(rheight)$ as size parameters to test this out and even when I make the width bigger manually it just gets cut off.

It looks okay in portrait mode:

But in landscape mode it doesn't change its width, while it most definitely should:

When manually setting the width to something higher than what $si(rwidth)$ reports:
Screenshot_20201229-173917.png (← enlarged the stroke for better viewability)

I did set the Widget>Widget Orientation setting to Auto (it also does this on forced landscape)

Using the default Motorola Launcher on my moto G6+

(I hope this is enough information to work with. If not, please ask! Love the app btw!)