Kwgt Font issues-telegram-hex



I have been looking into a solution for this and have come across alot of people online and reddit having the same issue.

We will build a widget and randomly the font will revert to a default font.

I try importing the backup, the preview looks correct but when going into the widget to make a edit it reverts back to a default font.

I noticed the app will always ask me to download a font and I created the proper folder but the fonts never stick and I have to completely recreate the widget.

Is there a way to fix this? Also is there a kwgt telegram community?

Also, I know there are certain limitations to colors on widgets is there a ways to use a hex wheel to change any of the colors etc?

Mainly though trying to fix the font issue since I see alot of people having the same issue.

Also, if you don't have a telegram channel it could be a good resource for the users to submit designs and answer questions.

Thanks for giving us the best widget creator out there and keep up the hard work!