Kwgt everything vanished on reboot


I purchased kwgt and have been enjoying it for a few weeks. I restarted my tablet today and on reboot all my backups, exported widgets and fonts have vanished.

Everything was placed in the default root folder of the app, nothing on my SD card. The widget I actually have still there is all messed up and even though I have a list of supposed back ups they do nothing.

Any help would be appreciated as if this is a bug or recurring issue i won't bother remaking my widgets. Thanks in advance


Hi! This is not possible, exported widgets are stored in the SD card under the Kustom directory not in the app folder, there you also have the widgets, without that directory Kustom cannot work. Kustom will never delete that directory.

Forgive me, Wrong choice of words in my OP. I didnt mean to say root folder i meant the folder the app places the exported widgets etc etc

Yes, the folder on my SD card you mention. Everything was in there when I imported my fonts to the font folder. My backups and export widgets where in their respective folders.

I rebooted and found everything gone. The folders are still there but they are all empty. The default fonts where still in the font folder.

This keeps happening. No point me making widgets when they just delete themselves on reboot. Whether it's the app or my device. Shame as I like the widgets I made.

After spent so many hours tyring to custom my widget, i also have backup and export my widget. All of them was gone like nothing. Before that happen,i was set my launcher to default. Then restart my phone.