KWGT - Dynamic notification for create preset

The notification that tells you if a preset has loaded is a great feature, but it should reflect the create vs load in the message.

When you create a new preset (from the homescreen), you are given a toast notification which says "preset loaded". I may be a little picky, but it should say "preset created". If I am loading an existing preset (from a pack or local) it should say the first one, otherwise it should say the second one.

I have been using KWGT for a while now, and I still get confused whether I loaded a preset or created one. This is not necessarily a bug, because it may just be a universal dialog, but I feel it could be a nice enhancement.

I propose the following:

1. If you are creating a preset then the notification should say "preset created"

2. If you are loading a preset then the notification message should say "preset loaded"