Kwgt doesn't read Spotify's music info

I'm creating a music widget that should support both of my main music players - Spotify and musiXmatch. Reading musiXmatch's info is easy for kwgt, but whenever I try to read Spotify's it's as if Spotify isn't playing but rather musicXmatch. All of the mi fields are stuck on musicXmatch, although Spotify is playing. Tried setting Spotify as default (although not ideal, but still hasn't fixed the issue), rebooting.. Nothing works. Not sure if the problem is with Spotify, kwgt, or musicXmatch taking priority somehow although I've fc'ed it.

Sadly Kwgt or Klwp don't work well with Spotify nor Amazon, it's work well with Google Player Music.👍

Oh man, that sucks.. To be honest it's kinda misleading (not by kw team, but by designers) that widgets are shown to be using Spotify. Maybe some rule can be set against it? Idk. Anyway, thanks for the help, I would've gone crazy doing all sorts of things to try and sort it out.

The problem is in Spotify, they have an api that use apps like Klwp to put the information in the widgets, but the Spotify api don't have the whole information. If you use Google Music Player you have everything because the api of GMP have the whole information to be parsed by Klwp. Sadly the fault is in Spotify, and Klwp and designers can't make anything to solve this.

Is there a list, though, of the known supported music players?

No are a list, Google music is the one that work with everything mi codes and mq codes. You can try others and see. I think that the only that works with music in the cloud is Google music player.

Thanks! I actually got my issue fixed, I forgot I put musiXmatch as default player for kwgt (inside kwgt's settings) and that's solved the problem for me!

Good to know that you solved this!👍