KWGT does not update when formula is in global

I created a widget that shows time in a number of novel formats like metric or hexadecimal, but I noticed that the items were not updating in the widget. I already been through all of the normal not updating stuff and all was good, so I added a normal 24-hour clock just to see if I could find with the issue was, and the 24-hour clock updated every second like it is expected to.
Then I started writing a long complaint about how some things are updating and others aren’t, when I decided that I should really make the 24-hour clock just like the others, where I put the formula for their text in a global, with the expectation that these formulas would be one, complex, and two possibly reused. Well, lo and behold, it looks like KWGT does not re-execute the Text kode when it’s in a global unless the widget is opened or saved in the editor.
This seems like a bug, and I looked for an explanation, and the only workaround I found applies just to Komponents.
Worst case, I could cut out the middleman and just paste the formulas directly into the text fields, but that does make centrally editing everything a little trickier, and each of the clocks actually has two clocks stacked on top of each other for some visual effects, so it’s just easier to manage the formulas this way.