KWGT displaying duplicate files

Hi there!

Im new to using launchers and making custom widgets, so please bare with me.
Im using KWGT on the Evie launcher on my LG Q7+. Ive recently edited some widgets, but when I open up KWGT it displays duplicates -- please see attached. This didnt happen until I backed up and restored a previous instance of my home screen.
Do you know how I can delete the duplicates, and how I might rename the files? Im still fidgeting with my widgets trying to get them to scale appropriately, and the duplicate files make it hard to remember which file I should be editing.


I think this screenshot is from your launcher, I don't know if this are in Kwgt duplicated too.

In Kwgt you can put a widget in the editor and go to load predefined, you are going to see the widgets in the different tabs, the widgets have 3 dots in the top right, tap in it, and you have the option to erase the widget.

If you want to change the name of one widget, you need to go to the menu(the three lines in the top left and export it, now you have the option to put the name that you want and export it, now you are going to have this new widget in the exported tab.