Kwgt current weather questions mark ? & text condition?

Hi, I've been trying to get current weather image and text to work for months. What am I missing here. I like using but it don't give me current temperature??? Plz help. Cheers

Are you using kweather plugin? If yes then it means that is not returning temperature and / or condition of your location, this unfortunately happens sometimes, you get the forecast but not the current conditions. I could potentially fix this by returning current day forecast when current weather is not available, not the best solution though.

Thanks for your reply. I am not using kweather

pluin, should I be?? So your saying do not support current conditions? Or are only allowed to be updated one every day or something??

The other providers is fine but for Melbourne condition there are not very accurate like is.

If that's the only work around is probably better than having a question mark icon and no condition text. But how can it be resolved? Cheers