[KWGT]CPU function problem with Oreo

I don't know if this problem has already been reported. On Android Oreo, bullhead, stock rom, rootless, only with unlocked bootloader, CPU functions, that is: $rm(fmin)$, $rm(fmax)$ and $rm(fcur)$ give as output 0

yes same for me.

Access to CPU stats in Oreo has been disabled, so at current stage its not possible to fix this

Even if the app could have root access ?

Just asking as I have the same issue. Why does zooper work with oreo and showing cpu speed.

I have an essential phone running android 9. Zopper still works showing cpu frequency. Maybe the developer of kustom can change the code to work for cpu. I hope so as I really prefer using kustom.

Best dev ever fixed cpu. Yeah tnx dev

It works with v.3.36 on Android 9