KWGT - color extraction issue

I am a KWGT pro user and I am running your latest beta 3.32 test build (Beta 3.32b816615).
I experienced an "actualization" issue since the last few betas. Please see the attached screen and let me describe:
I have Muzei installed which cycles through some walls. Kolorette extracts the colors which are then overhanded to KWGT with $br(kolorette,M_VIBRANT_BODY)$.
When checking in editor colors are correct. When going to homescreen colors are ok at first too.
But it occasionally occurs that the extracted color reverts back to the value of the previous wall and stays.
When going back to editor and refreshing the widget the color is extracted fine again.
Going back to home again and after some time it again reverts to previously extracted values... and so on.
So far for forms... text somehow seems to act a bit differently.
It first reverts back to colors of the previous wall but after some seconds comes back with the correct color values... (screen).
These things happen all of a sudden and I cannot track down a specific time intervall or action which triggers this behavior. You can easily check this by yourself, Muzei and Kolorette are free tools.
I have now gone back to version 3.29 which has none of the issues above. As you can see from the screenshot this color extraction issue exists for quite some time now.
I have also reported this 2 times via mail but since it is still happening I post here.
Please kindly check and fix this :-) Thanks

Any info on this @Frank Monza?